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tact ☆ I C O N S

calculated and cunning

tacticons by mumpo
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To provide animanga, video game and sometimes real-people icons for whoever wants them :D
moved to estheticons!

hello hello

Hey there! However you found this crazy place, welcome to Mumpo (inquisitory)'s graphics journal. In my spare time (haha what spare time), I icon – sometimes for icontests, sometimes just for fun. There are also headers and tutorials (the latter now at ewidentnie) I make here and there. Feel free to friend this journal for updates, and thanks for your patronage :3

Navigation is very loosely organized here, but you can try the tags for general series and category stuff, as well as types of posts.

The current layout features two beautiful illustrations from the video game (and corresponding manga), Persona 3. ♥ The S2 coding is by minty_peach.


& Credit goes to inquisitory or tacticons, if you want. They way you link to somebody is this: :lj user="usernamehere": but replace the :'s with brackets, on your keyboard they should be the shift of , and . respectively.
& Joining the comm will not get you posting access. Right now, this journal is only for my icons, and I plan to keep it that way.
& Comments are not necessary, but always very much appreciated and make me feel fuzzy inside~ :3 If you're taking them from more than one entry, by all means you don't need to comment on every one!
& Credit for images used in my icons doesn't usually belong to me (they belong to their respective owners of course), unless I specify I drew something myself. In fact, my resource post is here.
& Enjoy, that's the most important thing!


Icon challenges
Kanmuri Shigeru, Yakitate!! Japan
Gaignun Kukai Jr, Xenosaga

Amy Sorel, SoulCalibur
Ashe Dalmasca, Final Fantasy XII

Shadow of the Colossus

Icon tutorials

All the tutorials I've written are on this handy list, and the newer ones will be at ewidentnie :D

Icon awards

Part 1 (mumpo_sloth): here
Part 2 (inquisitory): here


If you want to affiliate with tacticons, just comment here and I'll get back to you ASAP :D

Best Tales Of... icons \o/!!

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